We are expertises in the credit card ecosystems and IT solutions. We are not only providing front end POS solutions nor middle-ware payment gateway but value added services such as loyalty, coupon, bonus points solutions as well. Please contact us when you have a preliminary idea that we can complete the idea together.

What is VISO stand for


“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The VISION pulls you.” ~ Steve Jobs


We are keen on creating INNOVATIVE solution to change the world.


We believe only SECURE solution can bring good success to both customer and industry.


Payment can be happened in OMNI channels such as but not limited to mobile, QRCode, biometrics, e-commerce. We can't wait to introduce...

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POS Development

We help to source and develop POS solution according to your requirements. We implement different payment channels such as QRcode payment.

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Payment Gateway

Payment industry is unique but time to market is important. We can be the middle tier to smooth and speed up your solution.

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Data Analysis

The transaction data provided by acquirers may be limited. We can help to retrieve those data for further analysis according to your needed.

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Loyalty System

Latest POS is not limited for card transaction but can help to be part of the loyalty solution. Our own loyalty system can help you to enable your own loyalty system with the POS.

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As we are a group of expertises in payment, mobile app and backend system. We are happy to provide our professional suggestions to your valuable ideas.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in or seeking payment related solutions, feel free to contact us at enquiry@visopays.com.

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